The Taj    Mahal is on the southern bank pf the river Jammuna bordering the city of Agra in India.  Mougl emperor Shah Jjahan built it in memory of his wife, Mumtaj Mahal. It stands  in all its splendour.Shah  Jahan cherished his wife so much that he took her wherever he hr went. S duded at a very young age. So he was  in great sorrow  and he locked himself up in his room. He came out only after eight days. Shah Jahan later built The Taj Mahal as a monument  to prove his enternal love for Mumtaj.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Taj Mahal is amultifarious complex.  It comprises the mausoleum, the garden, the gateway, the mosque and the jawab. The jawab is a duplicate of the mosque. At the center is a square  garden full pf ponds, fountains, trees and flowing plants. We  can see the reflection of the mousoleum in the ponds enhancing its beauty was constructed with marbles and precious stones were used to decorate the tomb.                                                                                                                                                       Shah Jahan fell ill and his four sons fought for the throne. His son Aurangzeb was successful. He put his father in prision in the Red fory. Shah Jahan died in Prison gazing at Taj Mahal across the river. He died leaving to the world the Taj Mahal, aMoument of Enternal Love.


My Village

My village is Edurapotha. It is a  small and beautiful village.  There are small houses. The gardens are very pretty with flowers and vegitable pots everywhere. There are lot of rees like jak, cocount, mango and butter fruit. There are paddy fields and small hills. we have a temple and a school in our  village.The small stream that crosses our village joins the main river. There is a weekend pola too in my village. People come to the pola to buy things they need. I love my village very much.


Flowers have been important to man since ancient times.  People love  to grow flowering plants in their home gardens. Botanical gardens like Peradeniya and Haggala have awide vairty of  flowers. Natural forests like Sinharaja are also abundant in beautiful flowers.

Flowers have a fragrance and they bwautify the environment. They appeal to everyone. They brighten every occasion of our lives. We use  flowers to express our feelings. They are also used in religious activities .  Buddhists offer flowers toLoard Buddha. Hindus garland  their gods with flowers. People used them  for decorations.  Flowers are  an inte gral part both at weddings and funerals.

Today  flowers have  become an important source  of income. Many varieties of flowers are being exported  to foreign  markets.  Selling   flowering  plants also brings in a good income.

Many valuable flowers now endangered. Recently the “Araliya”  tress were attacked by some fungus. Fungi, pests, diseases and climatic changes are the major threats to flowering plants.   We must  take necessary steps to overcome these threats. People should be encouraged to grow flowering plants in their home gardens.

Flowering plants should be looked after well. They should be manured , weeded and watered regularly. Precautions should be taken  to protect them  form pests like snails, caterpillars, rats and insects.



                        MahindaThero,the son of India’s emperor Asoka, visited Sri Lanka in 247 B.C. As King Devanampiyatissa was hunting deer in the wildness around Mihintale, Mahinda thero appeared before him. Mahinda theroasked the king ariddle about mango tress. After answe ring the riddle, King Devanampiyatissa became a Buddhist and declared Buddhisem the  state religion Maha Viharaya, the monastery,  which was built  by king Devanampiyatissa became  famouse  throughout the world as the centre of Theravadi   Buddhist learning.  King Dvanampiyatissa constructed 1840 granite   steps   fromthe foot of the hill upto the shine with a pinnacle.  This  stairway had been  described as  ‘ astairway to Heave’  by the English  writer Milton.  Here, ruins of a large monastery,  inscriptions and beautiful ponds, hospital wards,   a  medicinal  sauna bath,  surgical instruments and persian  bronze utensils can be seen even today.

Arun’s computer

                                                                                                                                                                                           One evening,Arun went into his room.

It was very dark in the room.He did not switch on the light.

Arun sat down at his desk. He turned on his computer.The computer made a noise.


Then there was a clicking sound.Suddenly the screen lit up.

Arun looked round the room.His room was filled with light.

Arun tapped on the keyboard.He looked up at the screen.

The colour of the screen became blue.

Then a face appeared!

It was the face of a boy.The boy looked just like Arun.

Arun was surprised.

Arun looked at his web cam.The green light on the webcam was on.

‘I can see his face,’thought Arun.’Can he see my face?’

Arun began to write a short message.

‘HELLO’ wrote Arun.’WHO ARE YOU?’

The words appeared on the computer screen.

The face on the screen did not move.

The computer made a noise.

Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz breep,blick,karrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

A massage began to appear under Arun’s massage.

‘HELLO’ said the message.’WHO ARE YOU?’

Arun was surprised.He was also a little frightened.

‘I AM ARUN,’Arun typed.

The words appeared on the computer made a loud noise.

Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz breep,blick,karrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

A massage appeared under Arun’s message.

‘I AM ARUN,’said the message.

Now Arun was very frightened.

Arun jumped out of his chair.He ran to the light switched on the his room.He went back to his desk.He looked at his computer.

There was no face on the screen.

‘How silly,’ said Arun.’It was just my reflection!’

The computer made a noise.Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz breep,blick,karrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Sun and moon

The moon shinses clear as silver.

The sun shines bright as gold.

And both are very lovely,

And very, very old.

God hung them up as lanterns,

For all beneath the sky;

And nobody can blow them out,

For they are up too high.

The story

        Once a upon a time a little girl lived ina Village. She asked her mother could you tell me about my future.

         She begon to go to the school. She asked  her teacher.What should she try there was  a  quite reply. Then her teacher said futures not ours to see.

            She married. When she go was younger.Her sweet heart.What lies a head. Will we have rainbows day after day. The futures was not there are to to see.

            She became a married . S he have woman. Her childern asked her a what will they be handsome.  Will theybe rich.She talk them Tell them tenderly. That future not theres to see.